How many times have you passed by the Boys & Girls Club and wondered what was going on inside?

 How many times have heard the Boys & Girls Club mentioned in conversation and the first thing that pops into your mind is "Oh, that's a gym where kids play."

Join a Discovery Hour tour to find out why 66% of Boys & Girls Club alumni in New Hampshire say the Club "saved my life." (Results of a 2010 independent survey of New Hampshire Boys & Girls Club alumni).

Please contact Jon Clay at or 410-5172 for an upcoming tour date!

What is Discovery Hour?

Discovery Hour is a tour of our mission.  


That means you get a chance to hear from kids about what the Club means to them.


You will learn what makes the Club unique.  

You will hear from the director and board members about our vision for the future.

There is absolutely no obligation to make a financial contribution, nor will you be asked to do so.


On the tour you will:    


-Meet Club staff      

-Learn about how the Club has improved the lives of real kids     

-Learn about the critical need in our community for affordable enrichment programs for area youth

-Hear about ways you can get involved with the Club


Discovery Hour will not last any longer than an hour-- we promise!